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Dream Diary... Yey!

*CoughCough* This entry will be in English because... I'm bored and I want to test my own level of English or Engrish or Spanglish, whatever... So... Let's start with something interesting! YUME NIKKI!!!

... Yeah, I don't know how many people knows that game ||DDD... *Drop*

Umm... If you wanna know more 'bout YN then I suggest This Beautiful Link ♥

I'm a big fan but I never played a lot this game... The big reason is the fact that the "Random Events" mostly appears of sudden and... Well... I use headphones so if I scream (and cry, as always XD) then I need to explain EVERYTHING to anyone who is in the house... But this summer, right now while I'm writing this, I'm playing Yume Nikki... So yeah, this summer no one will be exempt of hear my screams XD
But let's got to the awesome side of this game: IS EXPERIMENTAL~!!! And it doesn't matter that was created with RPG Maker, is amazing how Kikiyama make everything so creepy, sad, lonely, opressing and at the same time some cute scenarios like the one I'm now.

CUUUUUUUTEEEEE!! And the music is relaxing...

The characters itself are strange and a bit psycho (particularly the Toriningen...), my favourite one is Seccom Masada-Sensei (dunno why) and... Well... -Ran out of ideas- OK, no more Fangirl!Mode.

The only thing that I don't know (this post was open at 13:45 and now is 15:38... 'orz) is that the game is "Beta" so this is a synonymous of "Not-finished yet"?? Until now, the game is awesome for me and I'm not sure if I want a "Finished Version" of YN because that means that probably Kikiyama wants to include some conversation or something like that (I don't think so, but...).

Download Link Here~!!

P.S.: Can someone make me an icon of MadoMado?? I have some pics ♥ Oh and please notify me if you find Engrish~

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